Hi, I am Tomas

I am an iOS Developer based in Vienna – Austria

Do you have an idea for a mobile app?


Short story about me

After finishing my university studies, I fell in love with mobile development for the iOS platform and so began my professional journey. First I developed apps with Objective-C and ARC, but shortly after the first version of Swift came out, I adopted it immediately and never looked back. My professional needs also required only Swift knowledge so it was a smooth transition.

I was working full time on many different projects, ranging from public transportation, health, through e-commerce and banking apps.

This is the techstack that I have experience with in no particular order: Xcode, iOS SDK, Vapor, Cocoapods, Swift Package Manager, Xcodegen, Fastlane, Git, Gitlab CI, UIKit, Swift, SwiftUI, Firebase, Firestore, Google Maps SDK, Slack, MS Teams and more …

In my free time I am also creating iOS apps just for fun. You can check out some of them here.

Latest project - App for dog owners

As a dog owner, I longed for an app that connects other fellow dog owners and lets their furry family members play, train, run together. With this in mind I am working on an App that does exactly that.

It features a map for dog parks and other dogs, search by age, size, gender, breed, location and more, adding multiple dog profiles and a chat functionality.

I am developing it with SwiftUI in iOS and Vapor in the back-end. Custom authentication is in place along with my own networking layer. 

Furry Walking

My Apps



Instime helps you with managing your Instagram posts. You can schedule your posts, store a list of captions to reuse, overview of your latest posts in a nice grid and more.


Tomato One

Tomato One is a productivity tool using Pomodoro Technique. It pushes you to focus on your tasks, tracks your time when you are focusing on your work.



Bripitol is a game that offers you a fun way of spending your free time while stimulating your mind and competing with other players.


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